Logitech Revue: GoogleTV is Born!

GoogleTV’s first device was announced by Logitech back in June with an impressive list of features. Logitech is not new to the home theatre arena. Its popular Harmony line of universal remotes has done a fantastic job of bringing ‘activity based’ control to multiple A/V components at a very accessible price. The Logitech Revue will be placed in your A/V stack between your components and your TV. A typical HDMI setup would be connecting your cable / satellite set top box, XBOX / PS3, BlueRay player to an HDMI compatible Receiver (Most receivers purchased in the past year and half have HDMI out). There would be one HDMI cable going from your Receiver to the Google TV enabled Revue. You will be able to control all of the components in your stack from either a logitech harmony remote, or an app on your Android or iPhone based smart phone. The Revue is said to also come with its own keyboard style remote. Anyone who has tried to spell their name with a game console controller will know what a pain it is to type with out a keyboard. The ability to type search requests is a big part of the GoogleTV experience. Looking for an episode of The Office, type it in the search bar and a list of YouTube videos, TiVo recordings, and streaming sources from the web will be available to you.

We are not sure as to the exact specifications of the Logitech Revue, here’s what we do know. The device will be running Android OS 2.1 which means that we will have ability to install apps and have access to a version of the Market place. No word on whether we’ll be able to run the same apps we do on our smart phone. It may be difficult given the difference in screen sizes. The Revue will also support Flash 10.1 which will bring a great deal of video content from the web to your TV. Also, the Google Chrome browser version 5.0 will be preloaded. The Revue will be out this Fall. No pricing has been announced yet, I would love to see this device come out for $299 or below. GoogleTV will also be preloaded in select flat screen televisions and sold at a premium.

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