Cord Cutters: A first look at Boxee Live TV (video) — Online Video News

Boxee’s Live TV has been released! Packaged with a USB dongle and an HD antenna, you can now watch any over the air (OTA) HD content directly through your boxee. If you have a newer HDTV with a built in HD tuner, you may not want to put out the extra cash for the live TV dongle. I like that you won’t have to switch inputs between the set top box and your boxee, everything is in one place. Also, the social aspect that boxee already does well is available with Live TV. See if other friends are watching a show, share a show that you like on your social networks.

There are some websites to help determine whether you’re in a neighborhood with good HD OTA reception. Typically the higher up you are and the better unobstructed line of sight you have would help your chances in getting the best possible reception.

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