Chrome for iPhone and iPad updated, share web pages via Messages


I am increasingly using google products on my iOS devices. Google Chrome, Gmail, google search app, maps… I would like to see apple allow me to choose the default app that opens when a link is clicked. Currently if I receive an email with a link, that link opens in Safari. I like that google is going the other way allowing me to share a link from chrome to native iOS apps like messages.

Getting Started With The Raspberry Pi Is Not As Easy As Pie | TechCrunch


I’ve been looking for a DIY project for some time now. I’m intrigued by the possibilities of this $35 do-hickey. It doesn’t get any more bear bones than this. The thing doesn’t even come with a power supply and even if you do have a microUSB power adapter lying around, it has to yield the proper amperage to work properly. But getting a media server or a home web server up and running for under $50 is really a feat of technology. You might lose your mind setting the thing up but the feeling of accomplishment when you watch your first movie in all it’s HDMI glory off a device that you pretty much finish building might just be worth the effort.

Microsoft Surface RT priced at $499 for 32GB model without keyboard attachment


Surface looks like an interesting competitor to the android tablets and the iPad. At the very least having more options is good for innovation. I question Microsoft’s price point for the surface. Although the surface 32gig model is priced the same as the iPad’s 16gig version, I’m not sure this is enough to attack iPad sales given the lack of a mature app store. If you are in the market for a new windows laptop and you have an Xbox at home this could be a very compelling device.