PogoPlug: Create your Personal Cloud

Just ordered my pogoplug. Cloud technology is hitting the market in a big kind of way. Gone are the days of copying things over to a USB key and using the “sneaker” network (walking your files over from one computer to the next) to get your files to a new location. Most people have smart phones or a laptop and a desktop or a computer at home and one at the office, and it has always been difficult to get files and media back and forth from multiple devices. I use two services that are quite handy for sharing files. Dropbox, is a must for anyone with an iPhone or Android smartphone. You get 2 gigs for free or upgrade to one of their premium packages for a fee. You can seamlessly take files from your Mac or PC and save them to a dropbox folder in Finder or Windows Explorer, they will magically appear on your smartphone. The reverse is also possible. Take a photo on your phone and upload it to dropbox, et voila. The other one I use is WeTransfer. Again, you get the defacto 2gigs for free. This service is best for transferring files between people. If you have a 500mb powerpoint presentation that you need to share, go to WeTransfer, upload the file and send your partner a link to the download. Continue reading